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Partner FAQ

What are you looking for in a submission?

We're looking for covers, descriptions, prices, and availability that our readers will love. If all of those are perfect, you're in! Seriously though, we put our readers first and actively curate the deals we include in our newsletters. If you want to increase your chances of acceptance blow us out of the water. Sometimes we don't have room for even incredible deals and there's nothing we can do, but other times you might not be presenting your book in the best fashion. Our advice would be to get some feedback from unbiased sources.

What can I do to increase my chances of being selected?

Mostly what we mentioned in the previous question. It also helps if you have a flexible date range, and have shown yourself to be a great partner to Book Rebel in the past (previous deals, referral system, being a generally nice person, ETC). The most important part is that you have a great submission, so get feedback on your 50 word description, have a professional cover, and cross your fingers.

Can you tell me why my submission was rejected?

We can't. We wish we could (and we mean it, we love our partners as much as we love our readers), but we don't have the staff to be able to provide that level of feedback for all submissions we receive. Sorry... but there are plenty of great communities on the internet that are more than willing to provide some feedback if you ask.

Really though, we're sorry. We feel bad that we can't meet requests like this.

What makes Book Rebel different?

Great question! There are more than a few book deal newsletters out there and many of them look very similar. In many ways, Book Rebel has the same goals, provide readers with great deals on quality books. But, there are hundreds of thousands of new books released each year and no one service can meet reader demand. And they shouldn't. We have different tastes than Book Bub or other large providers and we may select books that fit our readers, whereas they might not select that same book for their readers. We believe options are great for authors and readers alike!

To be more specific though, we have a number of features that make us unique, such as Kindle Unlimited support, a guarantee that all books selected will have an equal opportunity at the top of the newsletter, are just two examples with more coming down the pipeline every day. But it's not really the features that we have now that set us apart. It's our team that sets us apart. We are focused on our readers and providing them with the best experience possible and that means we operate and act differently. The more time you spend with us the more this will make sense.

(That's not to discount our features though, because we're legit. And we have things coming down the pipe that will blow your mind.)


We strive to deliver you with an experience that will make this question not be an important one for you. But we understand things come up. Book Rebel's policy clearly states that we are not able to offer refunds on services successfully rendered at this time.

We can't guarantee results, but we can guarantee that your submission will be delivered as we promised. If we fail on a technical level, then of course we will offer you a refund (you likely won't even have to ask).

As with everything we do, we try to put people first, so please reach out to us if there is a special circumstance you believe we should consider. We are looking to build relationships with our partners for decades, not just for days.

Where can I send suggestions or problems? AND PLEASE SEND THEM. We love to hear from our readers and partners about what we can do better. Really. Nothing makes us happier than when people reach out and tell us we can do better.

Can you explain your pricing structure?

Sure! We continually adjust our prices based on the level of subscribers in a particular category. Why? Because it costs us more money to serve those subscribers. =) We try to be very deliberate and fair with our pricing and our pricing updates, so if you have concerns please reach out to us.

However, you'll notice that we aren't the cheapest promotion option available and that is on purpose. We're a highly curated list that puts our readers first, we're not a bargain promotional option. We also strive to provide a strong ROI to our partners so we try to balance the added costs of running a premium service with our partners costs/returns.

Can I see more data on my deal?

Maybe. Send us an email if you're really curious for now.

Our goal is to be the most transparent and data-driven marketing provider for authors and we know we're not there yet. However, we have features in the pipeline that will soon share a wealth of information with you regarding your submissions and their performance.

Why Book Rebel and not the other options?

No other service puts as much effort into building lasting relationships of trust and excellence with their readers and partners. We're doing things no other provider is doing, and we're just getting started. That being said, we believe in readers and authors having options, so by all means, feel free to submit to as many providers for a single deal as you'd like.

Can I edit a submission after it's been submitted?

Yes. You can edit a deal until it's been reviewed by our team. After that, you won't be able to change anything, so be sure you enter everything correctly and submit once you're happy.

But, like the typos in this first edition, mistakes happen. Email us if something HAS to be corrected and we'll see what we can do, but no promises.

Is Book Rebel going to be adding my genre?

Yes. Hopefully anyway. We're always looking to meet the needs of our readers and that means evaluating what genres we service. Let us know if there is a group of readers you feel would love Book Rebel and we'll do what we can.

Does Book Rebel support perma-free, pre-orders, new releases, or full-priced novels?

As of right now, Book Rebel only supports discounted books and does not allow the submission of non-discounted books.

How often can I submit?

Book Rebel will only consider the same book once every 3 months whether it was accepted or rejected. If you have many different books, feel free to submit them as you see best, but we have noticed the best performance when those promotions are staggered.

Can I trust Book Rebel?

Yes! We trust you, so it's only fair.

You can view our privacy policy for more information, but we do everything we can to safeguard your information. That means we don't store plain text passwords, or credit card information (nothing for hackers to want). We also utilize industry standard security measures and process while leveraging the world's best cloud. If there is something we could do to make you feel more safe, please message us.

How do you handle your payments?

We use Stripe for all payment processing. They are an industry standard servicing thousand of popular websites. Odds are, you've already used them before without even knowing. They handle all our finanical issues for us and we never see any of your information. As of right now, this is the only payment option inside of the application. However, we are capable of sending you a paypal invoice if that is a better fit for you, just reach out to us at

What can you tell me about the referral program?

It's great. And you should do it.

We believe in partnering with our authors and publishers and we take that very seriously. We've spent a lot of time building a referral system into Book Rebel that our partners will love. Once you have a partner account you can login and access the referral page which will provide you with unique links to use to refer leaders. When your readers signup you'll receive credit for everyone of them. You'll be able to track that information inside of the application and see how much credit you have available. Earned credit is automatically applied to any accepted deal and saves you money on promotions. We love our partners that help build the platform and do everything we can to make sure they are happy.

Can I use my own enhanced affliate links?

Nope. That's something we simply don't offer.

LAST UPDATED MAY 2017 - Keep asking questions and we'll keep updating.